Gary F. Plum

[email protected]

Gary is a growth investor. He is only 35 years old, but has a lot of experience in financial area. He is a professor and works in a very popular university.

Paul K. Robinson

Associate Editor
[email protected]

The main attention of Paul is growth. It can be dividend growth from investing, reasonable price growth, or just general strategy.

He is creator of his own research company called DAG. Besides that, he is a co-head of company focused on the investment management.

His main area is securities industry. He started to work in it since 1980. Since that he worked with numerous public and private companies, was president of his own firm, Vice President and Director. He worked with international partners. He has a lot of experience in financial area and now shares it with his clients.

Paul received his bachelor degree in Economics from Stern School of Business, New York University.

He is also a Veteran of Vietnam War, awarded with a Bronze Star.

Sebastian C. Brown

Business Editor
[email protected]

Sebastian is a specialist in global trade and shipping, ideas for business. He creates portfolios for his clients and remains active investor by himself.

He owns MA in the Economics and BS in the Public Policy.

He has founded his own company Investor’s Heaven three years ago. Since then, it became top-ranked and well-known for international community. The company is familiar to successful investors.

Sebastian offers advices and strategies to his subscribers, and usually try his own ideas by himself.

He provides reports there and mentions his own experience.

Last year, he was named in a top-rank of global analysts. His blog is extremely popular. He provides ideas for both investors and traders.

James A. Albert

[email protected]

James is a researcher. He specializes on alternative energy financing, micro-cap, nano-cap, and long term horizon.

By his profession, James is a successful accountant and lawyer. He has over 30 years of experience. He brought his legal services to big companies, private innovators and independent investors. The main area of his interest is energy, including renewable one.

During the last decade, James has earned good reputation across the world. His articles became popular among international community. Many companies asked him for analysis in alternative energy areas. He wrote for different magazines and newspapers, websites and blogs.

He is a proud graduate of the Yale University, and Ross School of Business at Michigan University.